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What is OrtelePhone?
 OrtelePhone works on VOIP technology.
 VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol is a protocol used for the broadcast of voice     and fax phone calls through Internet.
 VoIP is called as IP telephony, Internet telephony, Voice over broadband and     broadband telephony.
Why OrtelePhone?
 This mode is effective as data traffic is much faster than PSTN telephone traffic, so     for this Ortel has come up with OrtelePHONE for the very first time in Orissa and is     the only company in Eastern India to introduce such service for the subscribers of     Ortel.
 International calling is cheaper as compared to other operators (VoIP & PSTN).(Eg.     Calling USA@INR-0.80 per Minute)
 Unlimited calling @ 24*7 within Ortel Subscribers.
 High efficiency
 Better Voice Quality Using Wideband Codec's.
 Adding new features and applications over time is easy.
How OrtelePhone works?

 PC to PC

 PC to Phone(Mobile/Landline)

 Phone(VOIP Phone) to Phone(Mobile/Landline)

 Ortel Broadband Connection
 Computer with sound card:
             » User needs to install OrtelePHONE Soft Dialer
                (Can be downloaded by visiting www.ortelcom.com )
 Base phone:
             » It is a phone, just as our normal landline in look and experience                 but different in technology.             (Can be obtained from Ortel)
How to go about it?
 Customer has to login into our website - www.ortelcom.com (Login details are     provided to all existing customers, to know more about your login details call @     977-609-1111)
 After login the customer has to generate a VoIP no by registering.
 Customer has to download the SIP/ OrtelePHONE from the site and install it in the     computer/Desktop.
 Customer can recharge the account either through online payment gateway or by     purchasing physical vouchers from retail shops which is available in the market.
 Corporate Customers can have multiple accounts & can recharge through online     payment gateway.

Please Note:

To make this product more user friendly, we have shown all the functions of Ortel e     Phone in an presentation and that is available in our website. We would request     you to go through the product manualclick here .

Recharge Vouchers are available at all Ortel offices/ Service centers and selected Retail outlets of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Berhampur and Sambalpur. Please click here for the list of Retail outlets.

For Ortel International calling both & Ortel exclusive Point Of Sales (i.e. – Broadband & Digital Connection point) click here .

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