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Ortel Digital Service is a world class digital service from Ortel Communications Ltd. It is a new way of watching TV. Instead of watching analog signal where all the channels are not clear, digital signals give you DVD quality video and CD quality audio. The signals would come through the existing cable that comes in your house. This cable would get connected to a Set Top Box which would be connected to your TV set. Ortel Digital Service brings you a fantastic selection of entertainment and services with quality, choice and control. Set Top Box (STB) is a device that connects to a television and an external source of signal, and turns the signal into content which is then displayed on the screen. a.Clarity - DVD quality picture
b.Stereophonic sound - CD quality
c.Electronic Programming Guide at no extra cost
d.Parental lock facility
e.Expanded channel capacity
f. Consistent picture quality across all channels

Though the MRP of the Ortel Digital (Set Top Box) is Rs. 999, it is available under a promotion scheme in your area. You are required to get in touch with Ortel Local Office in your area or call : 977-609-1111. Bhubaneswar,Cuttack,Rourkela & Jharsuguda in Orissa,
Raipur in Chattisgarh.
Rajarhaat and Saltlake area in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Smart Card is a Credit Card shaped card which is inserted into the slot provided in the SET TOP BOX. It is a very important piece of equipment and should be handled with care. It is advisable that you should not take it out. It helps you to view the channels in Digital Service.
No, you will require separate Set Top Boxes for all the TV sets that you have to pay extra charges.For more details, please call : 977-609-1111.
Ortel Digital Service offers you sharper, brighter digital pictures and clearer, stereophonic sound, upto 200 popular Tv channels and 7 days advanced Electronic Programming Guide. It also offers upto 30 Radio channels. In addition, we provide Free STB in Yearly & half yearly basis at very nominal cost that you don't get in other DTH service providers & local cable operators. As the signal would come to you through the existing cable, you do not need to get the dish antenna installed. The cable operator would send his collection agent to your residence. You can pay the monthly charges to him the way you have been paying till now. Some channels, we provide dual language in which you'll be able to change the audio in ENGLISH & HINDI. These channels are coming under the. Knowledge & Children Genres. Like ANIMAL PLANET , DISCOVERY etc. Electronic Program Guide, or EPG, will soon become one your favorite features. With the touch of a button, you can find information about any program that's on today, tomorrow or even up to a week from now. The EPG features bright, clear graphics, easy-to-use menus and information at your fingertips.

The simple on-screen guide clicks on and off at the touch of a button, giving you detailed information, such as plot summaries, actors, about any program you choose - up to 7days in advance for over 100 Channels.
You will get an update message on your screen as and when a new channel is made available. You can also visit our website to know the latest offering from Ortel.
The Sales Person who had installed the Ortel Digital (Set Top Box) would have given a demonstration. You can call Customer care at 977-609-1111 to schedule a demonstration. Please inform us immediately or call customer care at 977-609-1111. If you move within the area where our digital service is available, you can give an application form to shift the Set Top Box. If you move out of the locality, please submit the Set Top Box to us and get a new Set Top Box from the cable operator in the new locality. Please call Customer care at 977-609-1111 and give us your details. We will send a technician to your place to resolve the problem. Check all cables & connectors at the back of the SET TOP BOX and TV
If found OK, we will send a technician to your place to resolve the problem
Check connections of Set Top Box with the TV set
If found OK, please call Customer care. We will send a technician to your place to resolve the problem.
Please reinsert the Smart Card properly
Switch OFF and ON your Set Top Box
If problem persists, please call Customer care. We will send a technician to your place to resolve the problem.
Ortel has not introduced Internet services through it's Set Top Box, however Ortel's Set Top Box is software upgradeable where many other advanced services can be uploaded without even changing the Set Top Box

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