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We do provide 70+ quality channels in analog. Any additional connection at your home , charges are nominal .
Free door step service ( connection , collection , maintenance )
24 hours help line service .
Convenient process of reconnection
Ortel provides a cable outlet in your home. A simple coaxial cable from the wall outlet connects to your television sets. You then have to program your cable ready television sets to receive the cable channels.

All this helps cable television to bring you more channels from around the world instead of limiting you to local channels. In cable television, the signals are sent through cables and not through the air, thus enabling much better quality of reception than off-air reception of local television. The television signals, being via cable, are not disturbed by trees, buildings, or other surface impediments.
By simply calling our customer care number or local office number as mentioned in areas of operation section . Accommodation: If you live in an apartment then it might be difficult for you to have a satellite dish and cable would be easier.

Initial Cost:The initial cost of putting up a satellite system is high as there is a lot of equipment involved. With cable television, the initial cost usually involves just the subscription charge . So it is cheaper.

Internet: This is one service that is much better in cable than in satellite. Although satellite TV does offer internet services, they are not as good in quality and speed as compared to cable internet services.
We do provide a basketful range of services to suit individual preferences. We offer local, national, and international programs and channels.

Basic Cable Services : As the name implies, this is the most basic level of services. Basic services includes the broadcast television channels, the government public and education channels. These also include the free to air channels.. Basic service Channels is subject to change.

Internet Services: Yes! You can get high speed internet services through cable television.
yes. But you can take additional connection inside your house by paying a very nominal charge as monthly subscription . The triple play is a bundled cable pack, it is digital starter (cable tv), high speed internet, and ditigal phone. All in one bill . As the signal would come to you through the existing cable, you do not need to get the dish antenna installed.
The cable operator would send his collection agent to your residence. You can pay the monthly charges to him the way you have been paying till now.
If you move within the area where our digital service is available, you can give an application form to shift the Set Top Box. If you move out of the locality, please submit the Set Top Box to us and get a new Set Top Box from the cable operator in the new locality.
Check connections of Set Top Box with the TV set If found OK, please call Customer care. We will send a technician to your place to resolve the problem.

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